Examples of Costs to Companies:
Loss of productivity for Target and other employees
Huge Legal costs (lawyer fee $250.00 an hour)
EEOC mediation settlement cost
Court settlement costs
Sick leave costs
Disability cost
Unemployment contribution by the employer
Time lost in futile meetings between lawyer and directors, between director and Target
Loss of cooperation from other employees, low moral induces loss of cooperation and causes loss of revenues
Low morale might even cause other employees to quit
Cost of losing an employee (1½ yearly salary)
Cost of hiring and training a new employee
Cost of a temporary agency and loss of business and income caused by an inexperienced employee's mistakes
Extra costs for End of Fiscal Year audits in case of too many employees quitting in any Departments
If case taken to court, media coverage produces loss of business and customers

The High Cost of Workplace Bullying

The truth is, workplace bullies are too expensive for employers to keep. Bullying costs individual workers, families,co-workers, companies, institutions, tax payers, government, and society.

"Bullies only try to hire, and they only tolerate, their own kind. When the unfit are hired and retained, there are direct costs with the damages they do and the costs of removing them, but there are also lost opportunity costs in terms of all the good that could have been done not being done because the non-bullies and competent were not hired.As Plato put it: “Those who seek power are invariably the least fit to hold and wield it.” Indeed it seems that personality disorders such as narcisism, megalomania, bullying and others are requisite for management positions in academia, business, government and even non-profits." James Craven 6-26-08   http://chronicle.com/jobs/blogs/onhiring/603

Costs to State and Federal Government: 
State Disability costs (SDI) 60% of Target salary Social Security Disability costs
Unemployment benefits costs
Medicare, Medi-Cal
SSI (Supplemental Security Income )
Vocational rehabilitation costs
Legal expenses by both sides @ $250 HR. for attorneys, $150 for investigators, & salaries for all others, include the time taken to cover/defend oneself throughout the entire ordeal
In Federal losses: Loss for Internal Revenue Service as SDI is not taxable!

"Workplace bullying is 4300 times more common than workplace homicide, 4 times more common than physical workplace assault, 2-3 times more common than illegal Civil Rights Violations. Half of all perpetrators are women." Workplace Bullying and Trauma Insitute

Examples of costs to targets

Time-off from work                                                                                   Healthcare costs, medicine and visits to the doctors, psychoanalyses,  therapist etc. for target and family's members not being reimbursed by  insurance                                                                                                           Mileages and car costs for doctors visits, therapist session and support    meetings

Huge Legal costs 
Time off from work for family member to take target to doctors
Relocation expenses if target has to move to a cheaper place
Expenses related to the loss of target house if unable to make mortgage    payment due to loss of employment
Time spent in research, letters writing, meetings to fight back
Cost of legal books, paper, printer ink, use of computer, telephone bills etc.
Expenses for job hunting
Divorce costs 
Pain and suffering

This is not an exhaustive list...