The REAL Job Killers:

~ Lack of Affordable Housing
~Rising Healthcare and Health Insurance Costs
~Unbridled Corporatization of America
~Rampant Bullying in the Workforce
~Worker's Comp Claims by Abused Workers

 Do employers have to be abusive to conduct  business?    This bill...

- Clarifies and codifies presently ambiguous law. 

- Fixes a loophole in the law.

- Helps avoid legal exploitation by unscrupulous  employment lawyers representing employees  seeking millions for discrimination cases.

- Greatly limits employer liability by setting  $25,000 ceiling of compensation for  injured employee.

- Protects employers from false allegations of  psychological harm to employee by requiring  documentation from “a competent psychologist,  psychiatrist, or psychotherapist.”

 If bullying is not happening, why would  employers fear this law?

 Present law leaves culture of the workplace open  to interpretation by those in power.

- Does not regulate business

- Does not create new regulation or regulating      body   (private legal action only)

- Does not require a state function costing state    money   

- Is not a job killer  (reduces turnover)              (does not undermine legitimate business  interests) 

 (reduces workers’ compensation claims)

- Will not tortify the workplace                               (95 to 99% lose rate for plaintiffs)

- Will redirect misguided discrimination  claims

- Will save costs to employers and employees

- Will not create a new class of victims                (bullies create the victims)        

 (victims have always been there; silence is  broken)

The California Chamber of Commerce strives to suppress most progressive legislation in our State. Using the title "Job Killer" as a political wedge issue, the Chamber continuously challenges ALL bills designed to improve labor law, environmental protection, tort reform, landlord/tenent law, consumer protection, and insurance reform. Apparently, members of the Chamber do not work for anyone, live in glass houses away from the environment, never need to sue others, own their own homes, purchase goods and services elsewhere, and have no need for insurance due to their excessive wealth. In fact, losing jobs from the State of California is a myth! 

Only manufacturing and information industries are losing jobs, going to unbridled global corporatization. Farmers, hotel and restaurant owners complain they have a terrible time finding workers. Roofers are in very short supply, largely because undocumented immigrants are increasingly afraid of hiring on and workers compensation costs are suppressing the industry, in general.

As 70 million Baby Boomers retire and only 40 million Gen-X'ers remain to replace them, we can anticipate a labor shortage. Teachers and nurses, the front line shock troups of our society, remain in short supply as professional women and men opt out with early retirement due to unbearable job stress and workplace bullying from co-workers, managers, and administrators.  The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.  The Middle Class has all but disappeared. Reason has taken a backseat to the Politics of Fear.  Well, Bully for America?        

                                   "We have met the enemy and he is us"

The Healthy Workplace Act...

- Will not create a new class of victims                (bullies create the victims)        

 (victims have always been there; silence is broken)

- Will not dilute civil rights/discrimination law

- Will be a pro-employer law

            (no vicarious liability if policy is in place)

            (protects managers’ rights)

            (holds bully accountable)

            (gives employer a solution)

            (can solve “loose cannon” problem)

- Voluntary control

            (presently self-destructive without laws)

- Provides incentive to pursue self-interest to help  their bottom line

- Closes the loophole on “status blind” harassment  (woman on woman)