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The California group formed because Gary Namie, PhD, author of The Bully at Work and originator of the Workplace Bullying Institute (, came to Sacramento to speak in 2004. He asked the audience to start a grassroots movement to pass a law to correct and prevent workplace bullying. Carrie Clark and Michelle Smith met and formed California Healthy Workplace Advocates group. Monthly meetings began in Sacramento in 2004 and have met continuously since. Meetings are held the last Saturday each month except Nov/Dec. Many members have driven long distances to participate.


The website,, was launched in 2004. Membership grew from email inquiries and word of mouth. At present, there are over 1,000 members statewide. Clark and Smith both have Master Degrees in Education. They attended special training at the Workplace Bullying Institute University with Drs. Ruth and Gary Namie. Based on their experiences and education, they are well qualified to provide corporate training as well as resources to people experiencing workplace bullying.


The volunteer group has no exchange of money, none. Members consider ourselves Citizen Advocates, 100% volunteer. The website declares, "The Mission of the California Healthy Workplace Advocates is to (1) Raise Public Awareness and (2) Compel our State to Correct and Prevent Abusive Work Environment through Legislation."   Dr. Namie has also spawned State Coordinators in at least 28 states and two territories, most modeled after the California group. This information is available to view at


2016 is the seventh year California joined Dr. Namie and the other States nationally in declaring the third week in October, Freedom from Workplace Bullying Week. This year the dates are Oct. 16-22nd. The Proclamations you see on this website go toward accomplishing the first part of the mission, to raise public awareness about this critical issue. Our intention is to show legislators, by posting all the Proclamations, how many cities and counties in our State agree that workplace bullying is unacceptable. Status blind workplace bullying should be against the law! Please join the group and support this mission. Help us pass The Healthy Workplace Bill so we can all be protected by correcting and preventing workplace bullying for good!  Questions?   Email: