Thank you Vacaville Mayor Leonard J. Augustine

Thank you Santa Clara Mayor Lisa M. Gillmor

Thank you Oakley Mayor Sue Higgins

Thank you Santa Monica Mayor Ted Winterer

Thank you Yorba Linda Mayor Peggy Huang

Thank you to the following Cities and Counties who recognize Freedom From Workplace Bullies Week Oct. 15 - 21st, 2017 by issuing the following Proclamations:  Rancho Cordova, Vacavillle,  Santa Clara, Oakley, Santa Monica, Yorba Linda, Costa Mesa, Temecula, Cathedral City, Canyon Lake, La Quinta, and more to come...

Thank you Costa Mesa Mayor Katrina Foley

Thank you Ripon Mayor Dean Uecker

Thank you Temecula Mayor Maryann Edwards

Thank you Canyon Lake Mayor Randall P. Bonner

Thank you Rancho Cordova Mayor Donald Terry

Thank you Saratoga Mayor Emily Lo

Thank you La Quinta Mayor Linda Evans

Thank you Cathedral City Mayor Stanley E. Henry